Saturday, February 04, 2006

So, I just put up some new links, some writing done for a now-defunct (and sadly mourned website called Edited by the delightful and vivacious Marty Smith:

We Can Do It! (Rosie the Riveter) Specialty Prints Poster Print by J. Howard Miller, 24x36I would've put up the erotica just for pure humor value - yes, we all need to make money, too, I was unemployed in San Francisco, I took a job writing for (don't bother, it's down) for $.20 a word, and that paid my rent for a bit. It was a facinating experience, really, getting inside the human psyche in terms of what excites people and how to play upon that while maintaining a forthright post-feminist stance. Seriously, the site was based upon the concept of a sexier Rosie the Riveter, of "the space between slink and hostility, lovely and a slap."

The last one is a club review from ages ago, back in 2000 when I had first moved to San Francisco and was bumbling my way around doing club reviews when I had actually spent very little time in clubs at all. It was an exciting introduction to the city, and I met all sort of disturbing characters and showed up to my temp jobs smelling of vodka, and all that. Much later the job would've been a snap.

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