Monday, October 27, 2008

things they might have been filming last night

  • rock of love
  • alcohol commercial
  • straight to DVD movie starring David Hasselhoff
  • low-budget porn
  • tourism ad for neighborhood boosting committee
  • educational anti-drunk driving video
  • advertisement for American Apparel's "black T"

fashions I regret wearing
    Mystical Stars Temporary Fake Tattoo #49Diesel Women's Star Thong,Red,Medium
  • pants so low they reveal panties
  • thongs
  • severely assymmetrical bobs
  • bizarre ear-like hairdos
  • shoulder pads
  • slouch socks
  • wearing star stickers on my face
  • drawing a star on my hand every day
  • star tattoos
  • grandmother's petticoats
  • pants with hangy straps
  • scarf around head
  • bra-strap headband
  • piles of spikes
  • bracelets up arm
  • emo boys as accessories
Halloween costumes expected this year
Sexy Bee Outfit

okay, enough lists for now.

taking suggestions for other ways to occupy time.

please don't actually email me.

oh, and it's wizard rock, a.k.a wrock. the wizardcore thing. ain't the internet grand?
today I will blog more lists. just because.

things that might have happened at the party after we left:
    I Love Lord Buddha
  • S got dry-humped
  • more women showed up
  • more drawing
  • actual teachers
  • R forced to leave due to cat
  • punch overruled by guests
  • makeout party?
  • mysterious naked guest
  • people got more booze
  • someone had a flashback
  • people brought actual giraffes
  • more penises were drawn/illustrated/shown
  • chuck norris showed up and denied accusations
  • actual preschoolers showed up and ate the sandwiches
  • preshooler alcohol poisoning due to punch
  • adult guests poisoned by kool-aid
  • someone shows up with I [heart] lord buddha punch, subsequent group psychosis
slang that we're glad is gone
  • let's bounce
  • rad
  • calling oneself a punk name...i.e. johnny waistcoat
  • indie meaning anything at all
  • bicurious
  • fo shizzle
  • that's wack
  • dope
  • hype
  • doh
  • bad
  • collect my pee
  • sick
  • wizardcore
  • j-lo nicknames
crocs Mammoth Clog,Red/Oatmeal,Men's 9 M/Women's 11 Mthings that will be gone soon (?):
off to google wizardcore, more later (brb lolz!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Euphemisms for clothes-changing disorder
  • narcissism
  • indecisiveness
  • desire to be utmost prepared for any given situation

whimsical disorders
  • clothes-changing
  • circular logic
  • making everything self-referential
  • compulsive need to alphabetize things
  • inadvertent lowercasing

things we've thrown away that we wish we hadn't
  • tapes
  • clothing
  • love - esp, wtf of dumping guy who gave me stuffed animal from carnival when I was 18.
  • zine box
  • my ego
  • hope!
  • my innocence!
  • a chance at a normal life

evil/friendly yet still nefarious plots
    Chilling Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House: Walt Disney
  • put on haunted house record at random times
  • let rats loose with mate...rat summer of love
  • nasty rumors
  • mcgyver-esque machinery
  • surprise haircut
  • surprise laundry throwing
  • squawk. with box
  • make someone think they are shrinking
  • chemistry experiment gone "wrong"
  • stealing punchlines relentlessly
  • inconvenient dyslexia
  • convince someone they are turning emo
  • fake prom queen, with or without pigs blood
  • gigantic Disney phantasmical show aimed at pointing out someone's flaws
  • taking hostages
  • taking the three of clubs, the seven of spades, and blackjack!
  • stealing all of someone's shoes
  • serving someone a meal that is not what you say it is, but is actually poison, something they're allergic to, and/or human.
  • making someone play soccer
List-time! The lovely K and I have been cooking up all sorts of lists, lately. Here are some:

Lunch boxes slogans that should not be taken to school:
    WPA (Stamp Out Syphilis) Art Poster Print - 13" X 19"
  • syphilis
  • die, poet, die!
  • I'm a paranoid schizophrenic, want to get lunch?
  • there are weapons in here
  • ratty on board
  • i can has razorblades
  • lunch? what lunch? DAMMIT!
  • you will be my LUNCH
  • I hate myself and want to die...psyche!
  • this box will explode in ten minutes

Place that would not be fun to visit:
  • Detroit
  • CalArts
  • the inside of my head
  • backseat of car, family vacation
  • face of sun
  • biblical times
  • path of charging, red-eyed deer
  • stalkerland...the amusement park
word of the day:
    Niederegger White Marzipan Loaf, 2.6-Ounce Package (Pack of 4)
  • OMG!
  • WTF?
  • paranoid
  • amazing cute
  • oh dear
  • wuzh
  • marzipan
  • wow!
  • trajectory
  • comfy smock

Saturday, October 18, 2008

On a more personal level...I got my SSDI bebi!!!

et mi corazon esta conmigo
1890s 1980s 2000s
corsets spandex spanx 2.0
stereopticons viewmasters imax
early silent films VHS youtube
Charcot's hysteria heavy metal hysteria evangelical christianity
absinthe goldshlager cosmopolitans
? 1960s 1980s
utopian fantasies john hughes/breakfast club moulin rouge
? me decade indie
bustle shoulder pads breast implants
corsets 18hr bra thong
millential hysteria reagonomics millenial hysteria
proto-industrialization trickle-down apocalypse
immigration cuba/homogenization immigration
corsets! superglue social networking
ouija board connect-4/battleship scamble
moustaches and wigs burt renolds moustache waxing/shaving
mutton-chop jason priestly sideburns flatiron
bohmenian punk emo
lead powder blue eye shadow smokey eye
beauty mark beauty mark moles
cravate/high collars bustier iron t-shirts
cunningly torn rags thrift vintage
letters rotary cell phone
telegram fax email
circus madonna britney spears
early musical theatre broadway musical to film
slapstick excess irony
asylum psych ward the streets, baby
hair long in bun mowhawk/big bob/straight
leeches denial/tylenol prozac
tuburculosis AIDS breats cancer
la boheme rent wicked
baudelaire bret easton ellis david foster wallace

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I think that everything is going to resolve itself.

There's an old song that goes..."everythings all right, everything's fine."

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I have spent all afternoon lying in bed reading Hillary Raphael's I Love Lord Buddha.
I Love Lord Buddha
I am agog. I worship this cult already. I am honored to be reading it.

To quote to big and hollow billboards on the 101...OMFG!!! Right by where the Vivid building lost a couple letters, under the palm trees unsustainably captivating.

It is so, so lovely. It was hard to drag myself away to write this.

How long must we sleep on the bed of our madness...