Monday, October 27, 2008

today I will blog more lists. just because.

things that might have happened at the party after we left:
    I Love Lord Buddha
  • S got dry-humped
  • more women showed up
  • more drawing
  • actual teachers
  • R forced to leave due to cat
  • punch overruled by guests
  • makeout party?
  • mysterious naked guest
  • people got more booze
  • someone had a flashback
  • people brought actual giraffes
  • more penises were drawn/illustrated/shown
  • chuck norris showed up and denied accusations
  • actual preschoolers showed up and ate the sandwiches
  • preshooler alcohol poisoning due to punch
  • adult guests poisoned by kool-aid
  • someone shows up with I [heart] lord buddha punch, subsequent group psychosis
slang that we're glad is gone
  • let's bounce
  • rad
  • calling oneself a punk name...i.e. johnny waistcoat
  • indie meaning anything at all
  • bicurious
  • fo shizzle
  • that's wack
  • dope
  • hype
  • doh
  • bad
  • collect my pee
  • sick
  • wizardcore
  • j-lo nicknames
crocs Mammoth Clog,Red/Oatmeal,Men's 9 M/Women's 11 Mthings that will be gone soon (?):
off to google wizardcore, more later (brb lolz!)

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