Sunday, January 25, 2009

 The rabbit just took a chunk of calloused toe-flesh out of my foot.

Then it munched with relish.

Then it winked at me.

Oh dear, oh dear.
Okay, so I am at Katie's today, and she just got a pet bunny. This is the cutest thing ever.

I was going to cook it (Joy of Cooking has a great recipe), but then Katie said she'd donate my rats to Science. On Burbank Blvd. So then we wrote this song, which I have yet to write a keyboard part for, but oh well.

Rhymes with science
Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition - 2006

/Verse 1/ (K)
There’s a building on Burbank Blvd.
Where all the science is kept
It’s big and white and imposing
With a drop-off box to the left.

/Chorus 1/ (K)
You tell the rats I’m going to donate them to science
Donate them to science
They’ll be hooked to an appliance

/Verse 2/ (A)
Inside there’s lots of beakers
For testing blood and make-up
And though the bunny doesn’t know it
That’s where he will end up.

/Chorus 2/ (A)
You tell Lil Rhody I’m going to donate him to science
Donate him to science
In an act of cold defiance.

/Verse 3/ (K)
Although it’s made for science
There’s lots of room for cute
And although my girlfriend doesn’t know it.
She’s going down that chute.

/Chorus 3/ (K)
You tell Andrea I’m going to donate her to science
Donate her to science
To improve her self reliance.

/Verse 4/ (A)
Your health is quite assured.
With all the pets and ladies
Because there’s so much science
Just look out for Katie
So, a bunch of odd yet funny things have happened lately.

First, I woke up the other morning to a cockroach in my ear. I don't know where it came brain, the curtain, the sky? The ceiling? The pillow? Katie!! No, I don't know.

I screamed, and it went flying off into the ether, and threw the pillows around, and goodbye.

the other night I woke up to hear little children chanting

"Gang bang, go away, come again some other day"

Then some adult-type began shushing them. I'm not really sure if I imagined this, but I was in my between-dream awake state, waiting for the leg spasm that would send me back into dreamland.

Jonathan - Katie wanted me to add that you're funny. Yes, I agree.

And what else...I guess we're going camping soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now that all of the Christmas fooferaw (kerfuffle?) is over, I am working on new projects.

Cherry Ames Army Nurse is preparing for our first show...a drag party at a friend's apartment. We must put noses to the grindstone, as Cherry would say.

In addition, Katie and I are working on a collaborative, polyvocal novel in shifting forms that illustrates the shifting nature from fan to stalker to well as a lady-love story. I am very excited to be working with her, her poetic and rhetorical abilities are entrancing.

The list form plays a major part in this work, this is the backbone to the relationship building, like a fishscale, like feather-shreds of supposition.

I would include a list here, but the latest ones are a bit obscene.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I ate a goat and I liked it....
taste of it's meaty goatflesh.

Om nom nom nom.

Coley's Jamaican restaurant on Magnolia has the most sublime curried goat. I urge you to try it.

Cherry Ames is back,now with electric guitar.

The most recent song involves protest chants.

What do we want?
Cops in shorts!
When do we want it?