Monday, October 27, 2008

things they might have been filming last night

  • rock of love
  • alcohol commercial
  • straight to DVD movie starring David Hasselhoff
  • low-budget porn
  • tourism ad for neighborhood boosting committee
  • educational anti-drunk driving video
  • advertisement for American Apparel's "black T"

fashions I regret wearing
    Mystical Stars Temporary Fake Tattoo #49Diesel Women's Star Thong,Red,Medium
  • pants so low they reveal panties
  • thongs
  • severely assymmetrical bobs
  • bizarre ear-like hairdos
  • shoulder pads
  • slouch socks
  • wearing star stickers on my face
  • drawing a star on my hand every day
  • star tattoos
  • grandmother's petticoats
  • pants with hangy straps
  • scarf around head
  • bra-strap headband
  • piles of spikes
  • bracelets up arm
  • emo boys as accessories
Halloween costumes expected this year
Sexy Bee Outfit

okay, enough lists for now.

taking suggestions for other ways to occupy time.

please don't actually email me.

oh, and it's wizard rock, a.k.a wrock. the wizardcore thing. ain't the internet grand?

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