Sunday, October 26, 2008

Euphemisms for clothes-changing disorder
  • narcissism
  • indecisiveness
  • desire to be utmost prepared for any given situation

whimsical disorders
  • clothes-changing
  • circular logic
  • making everything self-referential
  • compulsive need to alphabetize things
  • inadvertent lowercasing

things we've thrown away that we wish we hadn't
  • tapes
  • clothing
  • love - esp, wtf of dumping guy who gave me stuffed animal from carnival when I was 18.
  • zine box
  • my ego
  • hope!
  • my innocence!
  • a chance at a normal life

evil/friendly yet still nefarious plots
    Chilling Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House: Walt Disney
  • put on haunted house record at random times
  • let rats loose with mate...rat summer of love
  • nasty rumors
  • mcgyver-esque machinery
  • surprise haircut
  • surprise laundry throwing
  • squawk. with box
  • make someone think they are shrinking
  • chemistry experiment gone "wrong"
  • stealing punchlines relentlessly
  • inconvenient dyslexia
  • convince someone they are turning emo
  • fake prom queen, with or without pigs blood
  • gigantic Disney phantasmical show aimed at pointing out someone's flaws
  • taking hostages
  • taking the three of clubs, the seven of spades, and blackjack!
  • stealing all of someone's shoes
  • serving someone a meal that is not what you say it is, but is actually poison, something they're allergic to, and/or human.
  • making someone play soccer

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