Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Movement !5!

The year 1873 was to prove the most intensive, cataclysmic and combustible Thanksgiving in the front of his G-string and with the other I did certain means of for analyzing cinematic signification for systematic regularities. The team-taught class will address students’ work by the fun and charm of being wasted, and the hard work it takes to live another day. A two-semester course: the obvious and the code. It would render a complete dismantling, that paranoia is a term invested with perjoratively pathological undertones.

“Queen of the Hill, living in a little pink cottage, what happens when the innards of functionality are siphoned from the body?”

Threads of harmony, and chromatic legends, in the sunset, vector works, or a perverse scenario which contains the lethal component; my second brother arrived home without warning. He has the technical skills towards realizing, “I’ll make you profiteroles and serve then to you on the beach every night.” Inventor of what had potentially been the first motion-picture camera, he was a seldom unwatchable situation comedy. And that’s not funny.

The dissension between the accused and his wife as it delves: ski masks, a knife, and a mysterious handsome passerby who saved my life before disappearing into the black night. DALLAS: Thank you. This crazy travesty will probably not ensue. Too bad.
I can’t stand silence. That’s part of the reason I like clubs, the same stage or scene as the public.

“Oh, vagabonds in Les Illuminations, what is this figure that eschews the purportedly real with a backhanded compliment and blasts into the symbolic with the hot fury of an ice cube?”

“Why, the School of Film/Video, of course.”

Coffee beakers smoked in the bars with the banality of everyday, the apoliticalness of sexuality, your insignificant petty wiles, your petty perversions. Photoshop, Garageband and InDesign will allow me to pour myself a double vodka in his heavy crystal rocks glasses. An account of the individual’s desire for identity, for secure subjective positionality, waste places which depict our depleted inner reserves. I dive headfirst into his dick with the resignation of a child being forced to eat his vegetables before dessert. A cartoonist informed the films with their mechanical whimsy and mania for anthropomorphizing, both staples of the classic comedic repertoire. The Girl Can’t Help It might major lessons as assigned.

Less permanent configurations, “variations on it,” heighten those of the female viewer. Regularly scheduled review and the post-residence review shall with liberal exhortation and fan-mag gush throw it down the trash chute. I give the world a sequined, star-spangled, show-stopping spectacular. And for visions fiercely rubbing his dazzled eyes, Tolstoy and his work are so described that the present taught by a series of CalArts faculty is Stranger than Paradise. Having spent night after night with these people for several months now, those whose limitations extended to monotheism, provincialism, inveterately inherited moral values, deciphering who’s really who in TV’s world of substitutional histories and circuitous ventriloquisms is a game that is exclusively for Interschool Grant recipients. The cinema is a body (a corpus for the semiologist) a fetish that can be loved.

“Those two individuals fought and tore at one another like wild beasts, just for the pleasure of making up afterwards.” By the time I’m heading out the door we’ve totally reimagined out lives with me as Japanese celebrity sensation and the light is coming at us. The text is assured by its tendentious unfolding, for the laws of Mexico City and Sao Paulo are broadcast via the conventional bastion of address, the male voice-over, a droning non-stop spouting of the proper rendition, simmering in its correctness. I flit from room to room, corner to corner, dancing on top of speakers and throwing candy from balcony railings. She is the blond bombshell of Contestants Row, a dead ringer for Connie Stevens. Being careful not to catch my heels on the long white fake fur cape dragging behind me, I am lulled into a false sense of security by the apparent legality of the surrogate, who creates satirical found object shadow performances using an overhead projector.


Delirium: An Interpretation of Arthur RimbaudSource texts include:
· Delirium: An Interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud, Jeremy Reed
· Narrative, Apparatus, Ideology: A Film Theory Reader, ed. Philip Rosen
· I Am Not Myself These Days, Josh Kilmer-Purcell
· Remote Control: Power, Culture, and the World of Appearances, Barbara Kruger
· CalArts Course Catalog and Academic Policies 06/07

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