Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hooray for Tod! My boyfriend rescued Liza from under the bookcase last night, we are glad to have her back.

It's noon and I'm making coffee. Must wake up. School is starting for him and for my roommate this week. It feels strange that I am not going back, I miss it, in a way. But it's acceptable, I am amenable to a housewife role at the moment.

Now if my diploma could just arrive...it feels, in a sense, not final, not the closure I would like, until that damned piece of paper is in my grabby little hands.

I never got the Mistress of Fire Ants tattoo. Someday, perhaps.

That and the other... I am working on a new book. It's just in the notecard stage at the moment, the strands and scenes and phrases in little bits on the coffee table.

It's about LA, this time, scrambled from fragments of friends and past encounters and supposition of the what-if. It's eluding me right now...scattered, distractions...I should get back to it.

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