Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Okay, the first rule in compulsive overshare is dreams.

The Sarah Palin mania (for all that I voted for obama) was triggered by a dream involving her cubes. Y'all can let your dirty mind work on that one.

However, I had an especially poignant dream last night, actually, two.

I dreamed that I had a pack of tarot cards and could make so much more sense of the world with their guidance.

This involved some hovering around my room with images from the major arcana blazing from my desk lamp and walls. (much like this Sprawl flyer)

Then I had this very sad dream about looking for a halloween costume in my grandmother's basement and mistakenly finding a dress worn by an young woman at Manzanar, the japanese internment camp which we recently visited. This was highly disturbing. For some reason I was compulsed to put it on, pale yellow with black trim, it fit perfectly, including the hat.

I started to cry.

I don't know if this is my fear of getting hospitalized on Friday, or the ache that comes from a poisonous reminder of human cruelty.

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thee demon joenzy said...

hey am i having an acid-flashback... woah, man. I see an angry face in that mountain...
seriously... what is up w/that?
woah - tracers... I'm starting to see dancing-bears and dirty clown socked hippy creature thingies... 911!