Friday, December 05, 2008

A fabulous day is today. I am sitting with my dear darling Katie, and we just had band practice. We are gong to a reading tonight. Oh joy.

I just spent a week in San Diego and Reno learning about yurts, stew, and how many rats is a lot to deal with.

I am happily medicated. On D-listed, they refer to the Britney Spears tour as the "Don't be A'scared, Ahs on mah meds" tour.
Prosciutto Di Parma Imported from Italy aged 14 monthsThink of this as the "Don'd be a'feared, I'm on mah meds too!!! except I'm not going anywhere.

today is a day of leather and pink cupcake costumes. I awoke thinking of prosciutto cupcakes, and now I am one.

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