Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have been fiddling about with post labels and administrative whatnot. The endlessly self-referential navel-gaving belief that anyone reads this motivates me to say this. As far as I know, Jason M. and Katie J. read this, and no one else. Say hi, if you're out there.

Cherry Ames, Army Nurse: Book 3American Apparel 8328 Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging - Black MI'm going to make a few more changes in the next few days, as soon as we put music on the Cherry Ames myspace. We are playing a show this Friday, and I am SO EXCITED.

What I really need to do is work on the new project, and work on resizing the images for the poetry book.

Question of the week...why do leggings wear out on the knees first?

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Jason M. said...

hi Andrea.
i am putting together some movies and trinkets to send!
also, music software...
i bought music creator 3 a couple of years ago and it does not work with windows Vista. i hope i can find the tutorial disc it comes with... if not you can visit the cakewalk website and check the forums...
i can send you bootleg software but you might get paranoid that i may have included a virus or joenzy spyware so i won't be sending you that!

as for your question:

they wear out at the knees because the knee bone is wearing away at the cloth. the knee bends with everystep (obviously) and that creates the rub rub friction.

that is my take. yes, there are a million jokes to be made of that question... the lewd remark about try to sit indian style whilst giving head, or whatever... or try sitting in a chair. or try going buck nakeds... on and on.

i was at the unemployment office today. yes, i still have a job.
but i am looking for another...
so, i hear over the loud speaker "Will Addcock - please step to the side door."
I thought that was pretty great.

Love, Jason.