Monday, September 28, 2009

I have been lulled into a peaceful domesticity.  Between kitten, bunny, rats, housework, and lovely girlfriend, there is a certain rose-colored dreaminess.  Of course, a retinue of pills keeps this functional.

Lindsey Lohan 36x48 Poster - Sexy & Hot #04I have been thinking about different types of blogging, while briefly thinking of joining twitter.  Honestly, I don't think I have that much to say in terms of tweets, I'm much more interested in following (admitted retardedness, here) Lindsey Lohan's twitter and Samantha Ronson's hi-jinx.

But blogging as storytelling - Stephen Van Dyck's hysterical accounts of adventures and shenanigans.  I do enjoy these.

Or blogging as mundane updates - looky-there, the gardener plucked out Katie's arugula plant.  Dammit, I wanted to eat that.  Is it facebook status plus?

So many times I just want to say - itty bitty kitty did something adorable, there, that's it.

Is it a desire to be noticed, to make a mark on the internet to say "I am alive!"?  I spend a lot of time indoors with the computer, procrastinating on the new book, because I don't quite know where to start.  I've been reading a lot of random articles, news and the like, this one about how to manage writers in the workplace was quite funny.

There was a blog I used to read obsessively called Behind the Neon, which was about strippers.  It satisfied this certain lurid voyeurism I have, in addition to just being funny.  One day it was deleted from the server, gone forever.  How do you mourn a blog that disappears into the ether...whether because the author had to get a non-sex-industry job, or... I'll never know.

This book, The Peep Diaries, is on my wishlist right now.  In terms of the realms of overshare, surveillance, the potential of the current technologies, etc...I'm curious.   When does overshare become legitimate announcement, or stray into self-promotion? How many of us are just shouting into the void, and how much of that is a reaction from a society that discourages face-to-face communication.

I'm all for facebook, in the way it brings people together.  It is a little creepy sometimes when I think of where all that information is/could be going.  Who is watching?  Does anyone have the time to monitor this hivemind?

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