Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in Los Angeles after a whirlwind trip to San Diego and Reno. Whirlwind makes it sound a bit more fabulous than it was, though it was what is was, and very nice.  On the plane back, I made a list of points of interest noticed during the trip.  It is as follows:
San Pellegrino - 24 Pack - 8.45 Oz BTL
  1. Planes, trains and automobiles - all taken in five day span.
  2. Father, age 64, is amusingly bemused by technology, i.e. has an iphone yet struggles with making it perform basic apps, dropped his blackberry in the loo, currently takes as long to focus the digital camera as he used to in Christmases past, when he would line us up in little rows and then squint and fiddle for several minutes per shot..
  3. Family is just as alcoholic as I remembered.  I had a resolution to not get blazingly wasted as I had on the last two Christmases, and to accomplish this by drinking only Pelligrino.  Mums had brought bottles of it in an effort of support.  However, after a 12 hour drive, screaming yet adorable children, and the simple fact that my family ties it on around the holidays, I moderated the resolution to just drink less than everyone else.  This worked.
  4. Cousin L has smoked weed with her parents.
  5. Cousin L's boyfriend has a red beard and talks very little, except after a few beers.
  6. Cousin L took me to a fun dive bar after Christmas dinner.
  7. Mother micromanages her sister the same way she micromanages me.  Watching the two of them in the kitchen, I really realized that it's not that something is at fault with me, it's just the way she is.
  8. Cousin L and I have both considered moving back to Reno if family properties were available.
  9. Little nephew is very well-behaved for four.  Best moment - when he exclaimed on Christmas morning, "this is very cool!"
  10. Grandma came to Christmas dinner in a pink angora sweater with beads, and lots of baubles and rings.  She borrowed my lipgloss. She is adorable.
  11. Yorkshire pudding = not so good
  12. Prime rib = real good, y'all
  13. Cousin L attributes her weight gain to Seroquel and other medications, I concur with mine.   Dammit Lamictal.
  14. Mother called me overweight, then denied it when I brought it up later.  She may have been right.  But I was irate, at the time, which I regret now, I don't like to yell at my mother.
  15. Skymall has a device where you can make phonecalls underwater.
  16. The best gift I recieved was a new computer monitor to replace my decade-old-one.
  17. The "worst" - paper clips, although I will use them quite often.
And, that's all she wrote.

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katie said...

3. <3
4. if these are the ones i have met, i am somehow not surprised.
6. oooh, i want to go!
10. did i mention i love your grandma?
15. you got this for me, right?