Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's 2010 y'all!!!  And I suppose it's time for new years resolutions, although I have already failed at my first and most drastic.  New years eve involved absinthe, new gallery openings, kisses and the obligatory *secret someone* barfing out of the car window.  We won't say who.

Either way, it was jolly good fun, and now for the resolutions.  So tidy they seemed on the 31st, and now on the third so frayed.
  1. Master Cleanse:  Obvs, this lasted about a day.  The lemonade drink was not bad, but the shitstorm was unpleasant, as was the freak bitchiness that ensued between us.  K and I are usually about as cuddly as it gets, but upon eating nothing but lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne, whole personalities shifted.  I ended up deciding it might unbalance my meds, and ate a steak.
  2. Make some headway on my book: As it's the third, this has not happened yet, but here's hoping.
  3. Get fewer parking tickets.
  4. Find fabulous new apartment with my love: I am making good progress on this one.  We looked  at a nice, roomy one bedroom on sunset, near Cafe Tropical and it had the added bonus of wall-painting encouraged.  We really have not made enough trips to Home Depot, methinks. Now's the time.  This morning we're looking at a place with a study (!!!) the veritable room of one's own, also very encouraging.
That was it, I only had four.  They say (and who's they?  the intarwebz?)  Apparently that's where I get my information.  They say make the resolutions small and achievable, so that you don't feel horrible by valentine's day.

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