Sunday, January 10, 2010

The sun is rising over waco, and our new lease starts today.  I am preparing to charge.  The car is packed with books and files and miscellania.  I am burning my mouth on hot coffee, pulling the cat out of the sink, again awake way earlier then necessary, but: this I cannot explain. Why do I wake up so early?  It's an instinctual sort of cry to morning - "aiiieeeee!!!! I have things to do!"

Darling Katie, newly blond and shorn, sleeps like an angel.

Moving in pieces always has that quality of indecision.  It doesn't all go up or down at once, instead it's bits here and bits there.  K and I have had a few discussions as to what is the best method.  My preferred one is to take small things, small boxes, paintings and such, and move them by car, then when the place is somewhat cleared out, get a u-haul.  But the question of when to transfer residence completely - i.e. move the bed, computer and pets.

It's not exactly a life-threatening question, but it's affecting me lately.   The sun is rising out my window, and there will be many more sunrises out of bigger windows in the future.

I have realized that this blog's title is almost completely inappropriate to the content.  Neon and Concrete?  It was named in 2006, when I was fresh from San Francisco, where there was plenty of both, and languishing in a non-profit temp job. Now it is more like "sunshine and caffeine reflections, or, "domestic funtimes" "why being a lesbian is delightful."

Okay, that's a topic. I used to date men.  I dated many men.  While some were fine and dandy, the predominant sort, those I chose (or clung to me) for long-term relationships, were abusive, parasitic, and has substance abuse problems.  There are a few exceptions, but that is not the point.  The point is that the year and three months that Katie and I have been together has been amazingly happy and harmonious.  I fall more and more in love with her every day.

I give up on grandiose generalizations about why women are superior.  Also, because, I don't agree. Some of my best friends are men, gay men, and lovely people.  But - lesbian sex is so much better than straight sex.

Have I overshared enough?  Perhaps.

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