Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This post is brought to you by margaritas, thanks to Myke.  I am trying an experiment in, well, not drunkblogging, but tipsyblogging.  Katie is finishing up her homework, and I am bemoaning the fact that the Washington Blvd Concert blog seems to have been eaten by spam and shut down by the blogger gods.  While this is perhaps a tempest in an innertubes teapot, the concert long-over, it just seems a pity that all of that interesting documentation is erased.

The negative factors currently at play
  1. I have a flat tire
  2. I really can't put off the food stamp office any longer
  3. I have to make an appointment at the free clinic to find out if I have face cancer.  wheee!!!
  4. My grandmother told me she didn't approve of gay marriage....I'm engaged to a lady.
The positive factors:
  1.  Katie is amazingly beautiful
  2. Vanessa Place reviewed the poetic duo in The Constant Critic
  3.  Hot glue-gunned myself some new typewriter-key earrings
  4. Omar is back from London
  5. Disability check arrives tomorrow
  6. Don't have to do taxes this year

And the other most up and down factor is that I seem to have put on quite a few extra pounds in the last few months.  I'm considering going back on wellbutrin (as opposed to lexapro, my current anti-depressant), as it made me super-thin.  Curses to these beauty standards and all that, but, really, I can't help remembering little cocaine-addled size zero me, and considering that I'm now a size 12.  I would like a healthy avenue to being somewhere in between there.

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