Saturday, March 13, 2010

fashion post!  I am feeling happily consumptive today, after spending a little time in Los Feliz yesterday.  While sometimes it's just all too miserable blah blah whine whine to think of such things, yesterday was a hypomanic glee.  I went shopping.  I DID.  I rarely if ever do, but I went to Ozziedots, Goodwill and Skylight, and found things I'm really happy with.

What is it about vintage Betsey Johnson?  Katie mocks me for being a label whore, but her clothes have just the right amount of stretch and whimsy.  There's three frocks in my closet from various thrifting trips that bear this label, and I really enjoy them.  Her current jewelry line is a bit overkill on the bows and leopard prints, try to avoid that one.  But there's a denim blazer that I've had since, oh, I think, 2002, soft fabric but fitted and puff-sleeved and sharp angled lapels.  It was one a staple of my disco nights.

I like dresses in soft, stretchy fabric that can be worn over leggings. Sweater-dresses, especially. Will leggings die?  Yes, of course they will, and they will go the way that skinny jeans seem to be drifting.  That's okay.  I enjoy them now.

Other things.  These boots:  Love them.  Waiting for them to arrive from modcloth.

In other non-fashion-related news, Giblets got a bath.  He was not pleased, but went with it.  To quote Ms. Katie Jacobson:

Giblets came into our lives this February a dirty, assertive rabbit. He was, to quote Giblets himself, "four pounds of tough bun." His fur was matted and urine-stained from his time on the mean streets, where he is rumored to have run with the 49th street Crips. Upon arriving here at the treehouse, he quickly began to defend the territory as his own, pouncing on and terrifying the cat.

However, we began to see a slow change in Giblets as his testosterone eventually waned, following his mandatory castration. Now, the cat was the one dominating him, even to such an extent that they had to be separated for Giblets' safety.

Per the doctor's orders, we were not to bathe Giblets. He may have borne the physical grime of the street, but it was clear he was on the road to being a changed rabbit.

Then, the day finally came when Giblets could get the stitches removed from his former testicles. We returned home and prepared for Giblets' final step toward domestication.

The photos you see here represent the culmination of a rough but ultimately successful journey. We are all very proud of Giblets, and hope you are as well.
Location: The W.C.
Note the echos of pulp juvenile delinquent.

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Anonymous said...

those boots are so GLUNGE. Grunge and Glamour. It's the hottest thing to come out of Germany since... well, as Kurdt would say, nevermind. I know you were always of the fringe but I didn't know it was literal. The boots look nice. I like the whole Lesbian bashing grams bit. Poor grams. JLM