Monday, April 05, 2010

Never have I spent so much time dithering about themes and templates...whether black background or patterned, or white for a more professional look.   Where to put the pages, how to interface with tumblrs naturally blog-centric nature - and here I am trying to wrench it around a different way.  It's a nice interface, I like the high-definition photo quality and the sheer modernity of it.  I love how mentioning modernity makes me think of Clement Greenberg and Disney's tomorrowland.

Speaking of which, K and I had the most wonderful Easter dinner at Gerg's house. Lovely people, lots of deviled eggs, and the opportunity to wear pastel frocks.  Jolly good fun.

All of this dithering with interface has really made me focus on presentation and what is permitted/encouraged by certain themes, what impression they make, like the first step through the door of a party.  Do you wish the eau de myspace?

Either way, I'm quite done with livejournal.  After poking around in the eyeshadowsluts and tmi communities, as well as bipolarsurvival and being rejected by the bad sex community, which I thought was bizarre, the whole thing seemed to be mostly teenagers and early twentisomethings.  The elephant in the room is that I'm 33 and spend my time doing fiddle de dee whatever.

I got in this involved discussion with Stephen the other day about whether or not I was immature.  He said I was, but it was a good thing, while I felt it was somewhat of a bad thing.  Either way, there should be a tumblr along the lines of bea arthur mountains pizza that's a collection of pictures of bunnies, lesbians, and cupcakes.  Here are my submissions:

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the wandering jewess said...

andrea i've never seen your blog before but these pictures are gorgeous and make me want to live in a land of cupcakes, bunnies, and pretty dresses!