Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On Sunday, Katie, Stephen, Billy and I attended a Public Fruit Jam at EATLACMA. Put on by Fallen Fruit, this sticky exploration of the fruit to jam process brought  museum visitors together to make food. Pictures to follow.

Finely chopping the fruit

Katie gets that pesky lemon
Bowls of herb-fruit-goo
Finished jars and a hand-washing station
Communal boiling down of fruit bowls into sweet jars of jam

Completed jars of jam in the afternoon sun
I focused on herbs and lemon, making a sort of mint-rosemary-lemon-crab-apple jam, which turned a sort of grapefruit pink.  Katie went heavier on the strawberries, jalapenos and oranges, but with all sorts of other things mixed in. Between us both we ended up with nine jars, most of which are now in the freezer, awaiting later sunny days.

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