Sunday, October 24, 2010

The marine layer thickens.  I spent all afternoon working on my memetard, the unitard portion of my internet Halloween costume.  I am going as the internet, and, as such, I am going to be covered in memes.  Iron-on.  Then draped with cords from Giblets' various nibblings, I feel it should be fairly amusing.

Other than that, bah.  It's a gray day.  I have lifted out of my spate of hysterical depression, and am currently just bored and apathetic, far preferable, I think.  I went to the orientation for my new tutoring job, and it seemed fairly interesting.  The hardest part is definitely going to be getting all of the paperwork right. It is strange shifting out of not working for three years into working, even part time.  There is a lot of fear involved, there is a lot of apprehension, there are a lot of irrational terrors to work through.

There are pills to deal with that.  There is also therapy, which I am now in, thankfully.

 It is grey outside.   The gnats swirl.  There were so many gnats on our toothbrushes day after day, week after week, that Katie broke down and sprayed them with RAID, and threw them away.   I did not mind.  It was time.

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