Monday, October 05, 2009

coffee or cupcake.  coffee or cupcake.  this is the 100th post for neon and concrete, and all i can think abut is the cupcakes in the fridge, of which I've already had two today.  Buttercream capucchino icing...dense moist chocolatey goodness.  Even with the lamictal controlling my weight, it's a tough call.  I think I really should just control myself and have a cup of coffee instead.

Now i know why housewives sit around and watch soap operas and eat bon-bons - because it's fun, dammit! I've been watching the soup with a kitten in my lap.  Now the other kitty, miss louise, is pregnant again.  She is due for a combined spaying-kitty abortion fairly soon.  Louise is Nevada's mother, and she comes meowing and wailing around our house when let out of the big house.  Dear Uise, I hope you get those wild ovaries tended to.

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