Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The mocha buttercream cupcakes of wonderfulness are finally gone, and can no longer torment me.

Instead, today I took little Louise to the vet, where she is now getting spayed.  Or is recovering from her spay...or face down in a pile of chihuahuas and kitty tranqs.  Either way, Stephen is picking her up tomorrow and hopefully she can get back to her active life of mewling, taking power dumps in Rob's bathtub, and being the worst mom cat ever.

This afternoon I went looking for Halloween costume stuff.  I am going to be Ashley from Rock of Love Bus.  While I am neither blond or busty, this all can be remedied.  My unhealthy obsession with this show, and subsequent 51 Minds candy Daisy of Love, Charm School, Megan wants a Millionaire and even, now, Real Chance at Love...  well.  I can't really explain it other than - boobs.  Boobs and booze and catfights.  I love this stuff.

Ashley started out being the character I hated, and by the end she was funny funny dyketastic.  So, I stuffed my bra with socks, pulled on some tiny short shorts, borrowed an Ed Hardy shirt from my roommate, and laced up some platform heels.  The look was not complete.

It was time for sexy socks.  Then I ended up at Rite Aid where I found a cheap blonde wig.  It seemed to be coming together.

I spiked my way over the the male gays to get a verdict.  Stephen said, "wow!  some people really dress like that, they'll think you're for real. Shouldn't you stuff your bra?"

Baby, I am stuffing my bra.

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Anonymous said...

you know i have never been a "boob" guy - but lately it's hitting me all at once. i am becoming absolutely enamoured of large but natural tits. I think it's all the Russ Meyer films I've been glued to. pun intended.