Friday, February 12, 2010

Bunny o-clock.  Giblets has come to live with us.  He is a swell little guy, just recovering from the big snip and acclimating to our home.

Nevada is a little perturbed.  I gave her some wet food, and a talk about her baby brother.  We'll see.

Another blog that comes to mind, supercute: hipster puppies

I apologize for the overuse of the h-word in my recent postings, it's the sort of thing I like to mock.  Having taken subculture far too seriously in my younger years, it's amusing to poke fun.

These helicopters that swerve and dive outside, why?  I used to think they were coming for me, in further excesses of paranoia.  Now that I've got my meds straight, this is less and less the thought.  But so many.  This is Echo Park and thus and so...I don't know, there's graffiti, is this some big gang hub or am I just remembering 1993's Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)? Saw it in the theater in high school,  that's how old i am.  I just know there are a lot of sneakers very carefully painted hanging from the telephone wires.

But the Echo Park lake is beautiful, and I've been taking long walks around it.  This is the view out our window.  I had some fitness plan involving religious walks around this every day...apparently I am bad at discipline.  The fitness plan is hopefully to be enriched by some wellbutrin, I have to go see the psychiatrist and get a med-switch.

And that's all for now.

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