Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh, Giblets Giblets, Giblets.  The meek little ball of fluff we took home has morphed into a badass bunny commando who chases the cat around and generally dominates the living room, all while twitching his little white nose.

In that fluffy flufferkins here manages to bully and boss around a carnivorous sharp-toothed cat, all on the strength of attitude - wow.  I'm not sure what the cat thinks the bunny is going to do to her, but the bunny, well, he's bluffing.

I just separated them.  Nevada was looking scared.  Gave her some kitten kibble in the breakfast nook and shut the door.  Giblets flopped down under a chair.

 Giblets is a shelter bunny, and apparently has some serious "street cred."  Athena the rat just poked her noise out of the cage.  This blog entry is reading like a children's book, I need to change subjects, and how.  My living room is not the muppet show.

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