Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh blog.  Oh coffee.  Oh Tuesday.  I am finally pulling out of a deep depression, which is why I haven't been writing.  There is something obscenely whiny about writing about depression while depressed, it makes me squirm with its raw desperation.  Claw claw out of bed.  It was a matter of getting the car tire, the ativan, the food stamps, all straightened out.  Today I am feeling victorious as those things are done.  I can move forwards.

So many readings happen that I want to go to, and so many things come up that get in the way.  I have a policy that I won't go out when Katie is depressed and needs me, even if she is asleep.  I don't want to abandon her and gallavant around.  The Collaborations reading looked super-swell, and I'm right next to downtown now...but...didn't make it.

The treehouse has a certain cozy enclosure.  When I am here it is hard for me to leave. We are bracketed by Alvarado with its traffic bottleneck, and the lake.  Unlike Waco, the cottage so small that I was always pulling outwards, to silverlake sunset for coffee and window shopping, now I've been slow to explore.

Sitting in downbeat cafe, Katie and I decided to draw each others' former selves.


Katie envisioned mid-nineties me.

I went for general cuteness.

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