Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Up at 7:45 this morning to wait for the couch.  After much searching we settled on one from St. Vincent's.  Orange and green velour swirlies, and it's quite retro-sixties looking.  I'm drinking strong fresh-ground espresso and really fired up.

I got an urgent call from Cousin L yesterday, and at first I was worried, "uh oh, who died?" Luckily the news was good, very good.  She and her parents, and brother, his girlfriend, and the people down the street had all had a gaytervention with grandma at Sunday dinner.  Dear, beloved grandma, had reacted a little less than favorably to my announcement that Katie and I were getting married.  Not angry, not exactly disapproving, but saying she didn't believe in "that kind of marriage."  Which, considering she's 92, is not that strange.  Grandma probably has never met a lesbian.  Apart from my sister and I.  This newfangled lady-marriage is indeed peculiar when I imagine her coming of age in the 1930s.

However, luckily, after a long discussion and many citations of how happy and good for each other K and I are, grandma seemed to come around a bit.  I was just so touched that my family decided to intervene for us, they are awesome and I love them.

The clincher was that Grandma took my uncle aside and told him that she had found a rolled up sleeping bag full of porn, lesbian porn, on her back porch, and that it was (L emphasized the quotations here) "Two women standing there with their CUNTS hanging out!".  Grandma said the C word???!!!????  So this occurred only days before my engagement phone call, and disturbed grandma quite a bit.

Katie noted that the issue is definitely not her not believing two women have sex.  Which I had thought might be it.  Instead the sneaky pornicopea she discovered was part of her reticence.  (We think, anyway).

So, with all that hanging out, as it were, we are going to go visit her in Reno on the 19th.  Even more exciting is that my little sister, D, will be there with her girlfriend.  And my aunt C!  It will be tons o fun.  Reno is a charming place, snowy and sleazy and full of spooky dive bars and casinos.

Bang on the door and there's the couch.  Alas, we can't get it up here until the neighbors move their cars.  It's on their lawn right

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