Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Gah.  I'm sick.  Bought the Day/Night Jumbo Combo pack of cold medicine at CVS, and while it's ushering me through the days and nights with orange and blue capsules I'm still feeling the flu.   And it doesn't feel good.  Slowing me down.  Although I"m up to 49,423 words, only 577 until I win the challenge, I know I'll need more than that to finish the novel.  It may be more like 60,000. I'm sick and I'm feeling flu-ish and weak and trying to get Katie to pull her own weight a little bit more, here, with regards to household chores.  She has to go to work right now, but with my prodding I managed to get her to feed the animals and take out the trash.  Something like the dishes...oh, there would have been tears.

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