Saturday, November 05, 2011

In a moment of drunken oversharing I contemplated moving this stuff to bruises like blue roses.  No no no absolutely no.  I have finally achieved internet privacy.  I must keep it that way.  If it's not pulp novels it can be something else, but it must stay impersonal.

I really need to watch myself when I'm drunk and on the internet.  The over-share factor is exponential.

Just chugged my wine as the gnats were gathering.  I am that person who will fish a gnat out of a glass of red wine and keep drinking.  I am exactly that person.  Tonight I believe we are going to bleach my roots.  I had a lovely day with Katie in Burbank, bought some cute thigh high knit socks for winter sexiness.

Oh, how I hate gnat season.  Looking back over old entries I can see that gnats are fall thing. An October-November thing, yes.  Tiny bastards.

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