Thursday, November 03, 2011

So the current strategy is trying to reinvigorate the morning pages practice by doing it on blogspot.  Translation: more blather here, less blather there.  There being my green notebook, with its swirly pattern so reminiscent of a pot dispensary.

I am up to 44,000 words on NaNoWriMo.  Most of what I have had been written before, I am mainly filling things in and reorganizing.  It is exhilarating to think that this novel could be done, soon, as well.  This is the one, I think, with which I will seek an agent.  I think I am finally ready.  People have told me it's timely, marketable.  I hope the protagonist is not too alienating, as it is also a schizophrenia memoir.  Also an alcoholism memoir.  But, again, it's about seeking one's truth and telling it.  The gay marriage plot element, that is it's most timely element.  And the fact that for Allison, who is "othered" by her illness and her past, marriage and love bring her into a better place.

I think it might going to be longer than 50,000.  But I'm not sure, and word count and page count are less important to me than telling the story effectively.  I think I might spend more of the month focusing on revisions, I hope to have my rough draft by next week.  Being as I'm ending it at Thanksgiving, I feel like this is possible.

Hopefully I won't have another breakdown.  Oh God, I hope not.  Katie wonders why I get so compulsive when I am having an especially productive period, and I tell her, it is because I go for long periods when I can do nothing, and then when I can write, I feel I must wring every bit of productivity out of it, the whole "strike while the iron is hot" bit.  And then I usually totally overdo it and write for 20 hours.  But that's fine with me.  Lost sleep and caffeine excess, all okay by me.

Maybe it's time to start the day's work.

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