Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It's November 1st, 2011, almost exactly a year since I was blogging regularly.  I had a dream last night about this blog, that made me realize that I was glad it still existed out there in the internet ether, out there floating in space. I woke up on the couch, where I tend to move post-meds, and thought about the prospect of using the blog as somewhat of an online diary the way Katie uses her livejournal.  Then at some point if I feel like opening it to other readers I can, or I can leave it closed for as long as necessary.

I feel that at the moment I have achieved the most internet privacy I have really ever had since before the book came out and I became someone who slathered themselves all over the internet.  There was so much embarrassing stuff I had to delete, correct, reorganize.  I think at this point, once that one listing is deleted, I will have things in order.  They really should teach classes on the proper use of social media, and I think they do now, but I being Gen X and all, have been doing it wrong for quite a while.

There is something very nice and satisfying about typing like this, as opposed to messy notebooks.  Perhaps.  I will think about it.

And here is a picture or two from Halloween:

I'm Courtney Love, y'all

Katie represents the lollypop guild

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