Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Again? Again.

How much self-expression is enough self-expression?  I have been doing this blog since 2006 and it is just such a comfortable space, so I continue.

Reopened the doors, so to speak.  A lot has happened.  Katie committed suicide on October 15, 2012. i went to detox and rehab and got sober from alcohol.  I started consuming medical marihuana as a harm reduction measure in February 2013. It helps with the PTSD and anxiety.

Part of getting sober involved committing to honesty and full disclosure. Why lock up this blog? i have nothing to hide anymore. I commit myself to the truth. This is a record of what has past. Records are valuable.

Perhaps I will be posting more as the spirit moves me, but I need to put on makeup, go to the Dispensary and do a spell at high noon.  I've gotten quite into witchcraft. It always works.

This blog is a bit of a relic, but shaken off and stirred it stands, to post in again. I'm still on disability, so I've got a lot of free time.

I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo with the Scaffolding manuscript.  It balloons.  A revision, but I must read through it again.  Later.  Another day.

For now, to live!

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